"From a Soldier's Perspective"

As soldiers who have just returned from war, we fight a separate war daily in an attempt to leave the war behind. Many soldiers, just like myself, come home from war only to fight a separate internal battle, with debilitating illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. It was important for me to share my story not only for myself, but for those who have fought, for those who have fallen, and for those who continue to wage war in order for the United States of America to continue to remain free. The price of freedom is not free. 

War is chaos, and many soldiers bear the scars from it for the rest of our lives.

"Sexual Intimacy, Beyond Pleasure"

I call this book "Sexual Intimacy, Beyond Pleasure", due to the fact that the joys of sexual intimacy, it's experience, and the display of it, are indeed "Beyond Pleasure". I chose the word beyond, to act as a shorter version of the words "more than", because I am sure that you would also agree, that sexual intimacy should be more than pleasure. Explore this book, and see that it can be " more than" pleasure.

Join me in the exploration of that phenomenon and allow it to revamp, rejuvenate, rekindle, or spark, what used to be there, or what never was there behind your door of sexual intimacy. Especially if that door is between you, and the most important person with whom you  desire to be the most sexually intimate with. Especially if they are the one with whom you share your deepest love! Whenever it comes to the sexual intimacy in your relationship, will you fall short of pleasure? Or will you go beyond pleasure? You can have sex with anyone, but you can only truly make love to one person. The question that you must ask yourself, pleasure, or beyond pleasure?

"Treat Her Like A Lady"
By: Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack

There you are again
feeding her alcohol
as if it were milk to a baby
Why must you have a secret motive?
Why can't you just treat her like a lady?
There you are again,
calling her phone to plan a date,
but only because your penis is erect,
and her sex is the only thing about her that you think is great.
You lead her to believe that you are a special guy,
but little does she know,
that you are one tremendous lie
I just hope that she catches on
before the idea of being loved by a real man becomes boring,
just like a played out song.
Why must you be so shady?
Why can't you just treat her like a lady?
Your lack of compliments,
are why she doesn't feel so beautiful
Her own self she ridicules
She trashes her self esteem
When she really needs to get rid of fools
Be patient,
and wait for a man that is not lazy
That is goal oriented
not sick in the head,
or demented
She needs to trust that you aren't hiding anything from her,
unlike windows that are tinted
Her son is her world,
you need to see that,
because second to him,
you will always be that.
The reality of being with her doesn't have to sound crazy
Just don't rush her,
and be sure that you treat her like a lady

"Learning What It Is By What It Is Not"

By: Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack from "Sexual Intimacy, Beyond Pleasure"

Sexual Intimacy,

Are you learning what is

by what it is not?

Is your man or woman
using sex as a band - aid

when there is a problem,

while trying to convice you that the love that you made

is going to solve them?
So eager to fix things,

you reply, "Why not!"
Are you learning what it is

by what it is not?

Does he try to connect with how you feel,

or when it comes to sex does he say,
"If you love me , you will"
Making you feel as small as the tiniest dot,
are you learning what it is,
by what it is not?

Cover & Interior Design: Ronald Dowdy