About The Author

On the seventeenth day of February, 1987, author and poet Michael Lee Womack was born in the small town of Sanford, North Carolina. While coming up through elementary, middle, and high school, Mr. Womack was extremely shy, but he had a love for the ladies. His love for the ladies would eventually give birth to his love for poetry. When he was in middle and high school, he was specifically known for writing poems for every beautiful woman to whom he was too shy to speak.
In the summer of 2005, Mr. Womack graduated from Lee Senior High School. Approximately one month after reaching this landmark in his life, Mr. Womack became a part of something bigger than anything that he had ever been a part of before, the United States Army.  Mr. Womack enlisted into the Army on the 30th of June, 2005. From there, he would embark upon a journey unlike any other. Mr. Womack attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, so that he could serve his country as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout. Upon the completion of his training at Fort Knox, the U.S. Army assigned him to the 3rd Squadron, 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division. During 2006- 2007, he would deploy as a Calvary Scout with the 3rd Squadron, 4th U.S. Calvary Regiment located out of the Pacific Island of Hawaii in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
In 2008, this hard working soldier was ready to move on to another duty station. Michael's next landing spot in the army would once again be Fort Knox, Kentucky. While there, he would spend the next year of his life in the 1st Squadron, 16th U.S. Cavalry Regiment working with the OPFOR (opposing force) that assisted in the training of fresh new army lieutenants.
After spending the first three years of his army career serving honorably as a Calvary Scout, this trooper sought to learn another skill. As he continued his journey to the home of the United States Army Signal Corps, also known as Fort Gordon, the state of Georgia would soon be his next home. It would be there where he would learn the skills required to be a 25 Sierra Satellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer.

After obtaining the knowledge required to carry out the duties of his new occupation, Michael Womack would continue to soldier on to Fort Stewart, Georgia, home of the 3rd Infantry Division. Shortly after meeting his new army family, Charlie Company 4-3 BSTB, Michael deployed with them to Ramadi, Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn from the summer of 2010 until the summer of 2011. Three years after that, he would see his army career come to a close, and on the 27th of May, 2014, Michael Womack was medically retired from the military. Upon his departure from the military, Mr. Womack would have problems adjusting to civilian life. However, his first love, poetry, literally saved him.

Through your reading of his newest book, From A Soldier's Perspective, Michael hopes that you gain much insight as to what life was like for him as a soldier, as well as what life has been like for him as a veteran. With this new book, Mr. Womack hopes to raise awareness of the internal wars that veterans fight with PTSD.

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